Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Spring is here... and a pineapple to celebrate!

It finally looks like spring is here to stay (here's hoping... you never know). Assuming spring has come for good, here's a fun warm weather-y project I've been working on lately:

The pattern for this tiny little purse is a combination of the instructions from Franklin Habit's and Isabel Gancedo's patterns,* both of which are based off an 1840's pattern from Gaugain's The Lady's Assistant (1840). It was surprisingly simple to make, and I just love the strange texture of the whole purse.

ALL the pineapple spikes!!

The thread was a size 16 crochet cotton with 1.5mm (I think) needles- I should maybe have made the gauge a little tighter in the body though. I added glass seed beads in coordinating colours where the pattern called for beading. I'm not sure whether or not I'll line it, but I'm making up the drawstring now, and I think I'll leave any considerations of lining until after that's finished.

And look at the inside as well! I find this pattern so neat!

*If you are a fan of Ravelry, both patterns can be found there as well.

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